Hey there!

My name is Alex and I am the person behind ALEXOU.Q. We moved recently from Germany to the Netherlands and live now in the beautiful Hague, walking minutes from the sea and LOVE it!

11 years ago I finished my professional career and moved to Dubai with my husband, son and mom. Since I was a young girl I was always creative, especially I painted a lot and attended a painting school of a designer for many years. During my career I never found the time for my love of painting and drawing but during my sabbatical in Dubai I decided its time to get out the brushes and paint again. When I was looking for a good art supplies store, I happened to come across a quilt shop and the quilts on display magically pulled me into the store. I was absolutely smitten by the quilting world that opened up to me and immediately signed up for a beginner class. With my second quilt I entered a contest for a local quilt show and won the first prize in the begginer category: A sewing machine !

Back in Germany I was looking for a community where I could share my love for quilting with others and I startet my Instagram Account @ALEXOUQ. It was the perfect way to find quilting friends and combine my love for quilting with photograpy. Alexou is my nickname from an early age and Q. stands for “quilts”.

Today I make. I quilt. I design and most important LOVE what I do.

My quilting style is pure and inspired by modern interiour design.

I am absolutely new to blogging but I’m excited to learn and to have a new medium where I can share even more ( e.g. the tons of photos I always take…..) about my journey.

love ALEX

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